Sunday, June 12, 2011

The summer adventures begin!!!!

Well we decided that this summer being our fist summer together and i guess married was going to be a great one we are going to be the ultimate outdoors man and woman! So to start off our summer we went to mesa falls it doesnt sound like a big deal ya know everyone has been to mesa falls right but do you remember that we have floods comin out the wazoo it rains so much here its so scary so anyway we went. "IT WAS AWESOME" we had so much fun just getting out and seeing all  the beauty around im so excited to see more and more.

I also have been on this huge kick that  i want to go fishing "like" every day of my life i know weird right?? So i have been begging evan to take me every time i see water its just such an urge to run out and try to catch the fish with my bare hands wouldnt that be awesome. So yesterday which was saturday we went to idaho falls to get my hair did and we finally got to go get my fishing license i was so excited i couldn't contain myself. So of course i had to look at the poles and all the equipment that went along with it. But i knew we wouldn't get it then so i had to figure a way out to get a pole and i knew evan had one and my dad has a few so i went to my dad. I was so excited we tried to find a good one but then i remembered that brendon had all the good fishing poles so i had to raid his car. There it was in all its glory glowing like a toy and the toy store or a brand knew i pull it out and start to look at it when i realize what was attached to the hook a sock yes yes a sock have you every tried to take sock off of a hook it is not the easiest thing to do so i gave it to evan because he can do anything. So he cant it off either so he just is holding the fishing pole with a sock on the end of it. KaLee drives up at that point and says i don't know if your going to catch much with a sock. It really looked like we were goin to go out on the lake with socks for our bait. (i really wonder what would happen i thing we would just get made fun of)  So now i have all my fishing stuff its time to get out on the water it should be a good time! I'll make sure to keep you updated on the stories of the summer prob. the stories of your life. Thats how awesome we are ya hahaha!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Alot of people wanted to see some wedding photos so i thought i would show you how amazing we looked on our wedding day.....i mean we look fantastic every day but i thought maybe you could see us dressed up!! love ya

Saturday, April 30, 2011

The big day

Well i know you all know but Evan and I are all sorts of grown up now we are married yes!!! We live in our own lil' apartment that we love. Love so much that we never want to leave once we get here. We are so grateful for everyone that helped at the wedding and everyone that came it meant alot to us everything just turned out perfect! I know that i was a pain in the for you people that were there during the planning process because i wanted it my way and that was it. For that it turned out the way I wanted it and ya know evan didn't really care he just wanted it to be over with!! So we were both very happy.

 For those of you that dont know went to Long Beach Cali. for our honey moon it was so perfect we went to universal studios saw all sorts of awesome stuff the things people can do now days. We went on the rides and they had pictures at the end so we would run over and see what we looked like, in every one i was grasping on to evans arm and my face was so terrified it looked like i was about to die in everyone and of course my loving husband would laugh at everyone and say it wasn't that scary oh how funny he is. I love scary things, so we went into the haunted house at universal and as we walked in it just came to life it got scarier and scarier it might have been the girl in front of us that was holding on to her dad for dear life....she was 16 or 17 years old so it just set the mood perfectly. I always learned from my dad that we you know you are going to scared never let there be a gap in the middle cuz thats who they will scare well i was that person. We walked in and it was pitch black I wanted to walk super close to the people in front of us so i could laugh at the girl instead of getting scared myself but oh no once again my loving husband kept saying "kara we cant walk on their heels" i just didnt understand what was so wrong with that. So going on with the story i saw the girl get scared cuz this guy jumped out from behind this wall and so i knew he was there but he just scared the girl so he wouldn't scare me right???? wrong he jumped out at me and i jumped on evan i have never seen him laugh harder. He thought it was amazing and from that moment on in the haunted house i never trusted anyone not even the strong man walking with me the man i thought loved me. Anyway by the time i got out my heart was pounding so hard and i was scared of everyone in the park i kept thinking stuff was going to jump out at me so i had my guard up the whole time wow amazing.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Well a few people have told me that some of my stories about our life together have been so funny that I should make a blog. So this is me making a blog I hope you enjoy our life together as much as we do!